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Note Cards(5.47"X4.21") on matte paper great for fountain and all other pens.Greeting Cards (7.17"X4.61" ) matte or glossy; flat (one-sided card) or folded (conventional)        
  #1 Juniper and Jonquilby R. S. 2008
#2 Intense byJ.H. 2010


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(Right and below) Friend and client, Magnus

Original poetry, artwork and photography on greeting & note cards celebrating life, love, holidays, birthdays, memorable times, places and things.

Should you require something special, please consider asking us to propose a suitable design and/or text.You will be under no obligation to purchase ideas not to your liking. We'll view it as exercise...

Please allow ten days for delivery, although certain orders may be filled in a matter of a day or two. Order 5, 10, 20, or just one. We're happy to serve you.

Please see "Prices, etc..." for note card prices.
#5 Jonquil and Juniper present bouquet (with your sentiment of choice in bubbles).
by Richard S.
If you like, the sentiment/poetry/design for customized note cards (single or volume) may be, for an additional charge, made exclusive to your order and re-orders;
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                   Below:Christmas. The Song Child
                              Greeting/Note/Post cards
                          (now available all year)
Assorted Garden Markers. Acrylic on slate. $25-
  Happy Growing (available all year)  Make Merry!!
   Happy Holidays from the piano.
 Blank inside. (now available all year. Saves Richard time.)
Hanukkiah by RS

Driftwood and pine. Your choice slate base and its color.
 doubles as children's toy for disguise. $180.-

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In season:MerryHanukkah/HappyChristmas
(Hanukkah and Christmas will be in season all year, in order to save Richard web page editing time.)
Happy Spring!  We celebrate it all year!And thank you, Rebecca and Siegfried.
Rachmaninoff celebrates the springtime
Rebecca and Siegfried Sonnenschein join him. Seattle recital in 1973.
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Sonntag (an old German folksong about love and longing.)
Text: by Johann Ludwig Uhland; music by Johannes Brahms. Crooned by RLS and JW.
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     We're going to celebrate Spring all year, so we can listen to these songs as the snow falls.
  Gallery continued...
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 Right:(Blank inside)
 Happy Hanukkah(a bissele oel)rls.
 (Available all year.)
Merry Christmas. Making tracks...(Blank inside) Available all year.

 Just thinking about you...


We welcome Sara Dolley, guest artist living and working in Dublin, California.
#12 To be a child again. Sara Dolley

my garden speaks of beauty's power to heal. 2018

Richard asks, why not 'Dogpile' it once in awhile, when searching the vast web?                  http://www.dogpile.com/

And here's another little song we like. Shubert's "Staendchen"...

Franz Schubert
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        Be a Guest Artist on our little page.(right here)
All artists--emerged, emerging and submerged-- are encouraged to show images of their work on our page, and to sell it through us. Artists need not feel compelled to have their works' images reproduced for use on greeting cards, and may choose to show only.                                                             
                                                                                           #11 Fountain by R.S.
Poets are also welcome to join us in creating memorable note cards, or simply to have us publish a piece in ourHisses, Purrs, and   IdSpills© section (bottom of order/contact form page).  We like poetry very much. Richard, who writes a few poems every decade or so, has been published by small presses including the no longer extant literary quarterlies Onionhead (Florida State University) and Echoes (Hudson Valley Writers Association). So, tap your id gently ormit gewalt, and write something fresh, or release the well-aged studies you've imprisoned in a box for too long, and share them with us. OK?
           Driving clinics:
       starting in September 2019
Need Driving instruction a little sooner? Contact Richard. He'll refer you to someone.
   for the matured and the not-so-matured driver!  
Of course, Richard wants to continue introducing young people to the art of safe driving, something he's relished doing for thousands of hours over a ten year period, but he also wishes to encourage the more mature, and especially those drivers who consider themselves "Seniors", to avail themselves of  his courses on driving. Richard offers private lessons, as well fun and cost-saving group lessons for both young and older, experienced or inexperienced.See rates, etc. 
                          Defensive driving for the entire family!
Oh,no! Spare me ! It's a roundabout / traffic circle /rotary...   
               ...whatchamacallit !
Below, the roundabout at the intersection of   
Collegeview and Raymond avenues in Poughkeepsie, NY.
Roundabout in Arlington, Town of poughkeepsie, New York
Do you find roundabouts to be troublesome?  Most Americans do. Unlike Europeans, for whom they are commonplace, we're just not accustomed to them.
Roundabouts have proven to greatly reduce intersection crash rates. Properly navigated, roundabouts can improve significantly the quality of safety on our communities' roads.
Why not spend some time with Richard, or even ask a couple of friends to join you for a clinic on the handling of roundabouts. The more, the merrier (And, the more economical). He'll provide you with some valuable pointers on safely approaching, getting into, around and out of, roundabouts.
Perhaps, you're having some difficulties with driving maneuvers that were once easy for you.    You may be helped by a refresher clinic.        
Are you finding it difficult to parallel park? Have age-related issues begun to interfere with your driving? There are a number of things one may do to compensate for age-related problems that can affect driving ability. Talk to Richard about it. Have him take you out for a spin around the neighborhood.
You may never be able to parallel park as "smartly" as the driver of this car, but you won't know until you've tried...
Take a fun refresher clinic on parallel parking.  So, you want to park on Raymond Ave. in Poughkeepsie during farmers market days, eh? Perhaps, improve on your two and three-point turns? How about a refresher on safer tracking methods for driving on rural roads, or on the latest safer following distance methods? Learn how to calmly and effectively reduce the risk of a rear-end collision at this time when tailgating has never been more common. Learn about safer left and right turns,  and gas saving tips including modified hypermiling techniques. Hypermiling saves gas, and LIVES! Then there are blindspots you’ve never known were there, and so much more! SIGN UP NOW AND RESERVE SPACES   for fun and informative car clinics starting in 2019 !
Richard began driving professionally while in New york studying, and pursuing a performing arts career. Cushy corporate chauffeur work would come later, but he worked first as a truck driver for mass mailing and linen supply  companies in Manhattan, and later as a taxi driver there. He drove a  moving company van "schwartz" to earn money on the side, while in Austria acting with the International Theatre of Vienna. It closed recently, after 36 years in operation. Bill Wallace, who passed away earlier this year, and his wife Marilyn were its founders and producers.  
Some of Richard's jobs as a moving van driver in Vienna required better acting than that expected of him by the melodramas he performed at Vienna's Museum Fuer Angewandte Kunst for Bill and Marilyn Wallace while he worked with them. That's what he tells us. We don't know. It's best to ask Richard.
Richard was also hired by a Munich car dealer to  deliver sports cars (BMW) to Tehran, Iran.  It's a job he did once. It took him in winter, down through a then Soviet Eastern Europe, the perilous Mount Arrarat region and desolate plains of central Turkey and Iran. He credits the job for, in addition to increasing beyond measure his wonder at the magic to be found in cultural and religious diversity, helping prepare him to teach driving.
He has clocked thousands of hours as a behind-the-wheel and classroom instructor, and is certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the New York State Education Department. Richard has taught driving to teens in public and parochial high schools in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Ulster counties for Driver Education programs administered by Ulster County Community College and PAS Auto School. Among them, Kildonan, Our Lady of Lourdes, Millbrook, John A. Coleman, Rondout Valley, New Paltz, Kingston, Pine Plains, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Wallkill, Marlboro, Yorktown Heights, Dover Plains, and Carmel.
As a senior driving instructor for PAS Auto School, he also trained instructors new to the field.
Available now:                   Romany Life Pickled Eggs
                                                               The sweet and the sour in balance,  daringly spiced.    
To bring out the gypsy in you, make you sing, make you dance!
        $ 15.00 per dozen (delivered)
Includes a mustard and mayonnaise sauce, and saltine crackers.
Due to a surprising higher-than-expected demand for them, customers may expect a two-week wait for delivery of our RomanyLife eggs. Thank you for your patience.
Gallery Continued...

Candle Holders
Candle Holder
Candle Holder
Reach. Dogwood. $90.-
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Slither. Driftwood on driftwood base. $90.-

Walker. Maple on slate base. $125.-

Oceans. Maple on slate base. $110.-

Fossil. Driftwood on slate base.$90.-                                                    

Primordia. Rhododendron root on slate. $110

Tarantelle. Rosa Multiflora root on slate. $90.-

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Matteo by Nancy Oehmich
Matteo by Nancy Oehmich
13x20 original ink portrait. 1984. $500.-

Candle holder: Oceana
Candle holder: Oceana
Driftwood and sunflower root/stalk on slate. $150.-


Hanukkiah (can be disguised)
Hanukkiah (can be disguised)
Driftwood and pine. $80.-
Friend and client, Winston.
licking his chops.
Friend and client, Winston.
Friend and client, Jack.
Friend and client, Jack.
Being his irresistible self.

R to L: Herbie and Fiona
R to L: Herbie and Fiona
Friends and Clients
If you see Richard, run the other way!
He'll try to take your picture. I don't know that he has anything else with which to occupy his time. It's sad, really.
If you see Richard, run the other way!

         Please note: The latter beautiful creations shown above are not for sale
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Get them Blue Buffalo

Walnut-Based cat litter.


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Above: Friend and client, Belkis!

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